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1 Month Check-in: Intermittent Fasting

May 29, 2012

A little over a month ago I began experimenting with IF. Today I’d like to leave with you my impressions based on the most popular questions I fielded.

First some numbers. Starting point was 195 (evening weigh in so who knows how much water and food was sitting around), normally I’m around 185 and 12% body fat. Today I’m 183 and 11% body fat. So I very quickly returned to my preferred weight. Now on to the popular questions:

“That would never work for me, I’d be too hungry!”
For the first two or three days, this may seem like an issue. But my hunger pains were brief, lasting ten or fifteen minutes, and occurred twice at most in the morning prior to lunch. Once I became accustomed to the new eating schedule, it wasn’t all that bad. Actually this last week I had company in town and went out to breakfast on two separate mornings. Both times I felt stuffed even though I didn’t eat all that much.
The second thing I noted is that IF works much better when you have a consistent schedule. Otherwise you’ll be asking a little extra from your willpower. Whenever I kept to my 10pm-6am sleeping schedule, with an active morning, I had little to no issue with waiting for my eating window. Several times I was able to extend my fasting to 18-21 hours.
But on those days that I stayed up late, it became a struggle. It’s easy to fast when you’re asleep, not so easy when it’s midnight or 1:00 am.

“Don’t you overeat when you finally get the chance?”
Nope. My experience I wasn’t ravished when lunch time came around, I was still just hungry. I did wonder if I should force myself to eat more, but I was always too full. Lunch tended to be my largest meal anyhow, so it worked out well.

“How can you exercise without any energy?”
Turns out I have plenty of energy. Prior to both weights and basketball, both of which are at the end of my fasting period, I took 30 grams of whey, mostly for the protein synthesis benefits, and I had no problems with energy.

“How can you meditate when you’re stomach is distracting you?”
This was an added distraction, especially in the morning. But now the morning session is my favorite, I seem to be more clear of mind, and peaceful. Little tummy grumbles by nature are short lived, so I use them to in my practice of letting go.

Thanks for reading.


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