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My Meditation, Fasting, and Exercise Schedule

May 12, 2012

I was asked how I fit everything into my day, so I thought I’d share. Here I’ll go over my Intermittent Fasting (IF), exercise, and meditation ‘schedule.’ I work a regular 40 hour a week job, but I have more flexibility with my hours, and meetings so what works will for me may not for others. I’m also lucky if my week goes according to plan. When it does, things go great for me. So hopefully this can provide some ideas.



Eating window (12:00-8:00p)

  • Lunch/Snack/Dinner
  • Whey protein before and after morning exercise.


  • Mon/Wed/Fri (around noon) – Weights and/or Jogging
  • Tue/Sat (morning) – Basketball or Sprint workout
  • Thur/Sun (Rest or Hike)


  • On the Five Remembrances ~15-30 minutes. 6:15a
  • Follow the breath ~30 minutes, 9:00p

IF Schedule

I’ve been doing IF for about three weeks now, and have noticed an improved ‘mirror test’. By the numbers I’ve dropped from 195 to 187. I know that pounds lost aren’t the best way to measure, so I’ll get another body fat percentage test done soon.

Monday through Saturday:

  • I eat at noon, and stop by 8:00 pm.
  • I generally eat a good sized lunch, then have a snack a few hours later, then dinner with my family.
  • Often I won’t eat until 2:00 or 3:00, once the morning hunger goes away, I generally don’t feel the same strong need to eat. So I think psychologically I still expect bacon and eggs in the morning, and that’s creating a false and increased sense of hunger.


  • Is a wildcard day based on my mood. If I want French toast the moment I roll out of bed, then I’m having it. Though, I haven’t allowed myself this luxury, I like the idea of it.
  • I also can go for the full 24 hour fast on these days. I have not tried this yet either. I suspect my actual first full day fast (likely 7:00 PM to 7:00 PM) will happen spontaneously when I don’t feel all that hungry and get inspired to keep busy until dinner.
  • Thus far, each of my Sundays have been regular IF days for me.

Exercise Schedule

I’ve been doing this for a few years. I’ve experimented a lot with exercise, and I’ve found this weekly schedule to be the most effective and fun for me. I feel good, and not burned out. I might do a more detailed post on the actual workouts another time.

Monday and Friday (Weights):

  • I typically lift weights around noon. My office is next door to a 24-Hour Fitness, so it is very convenient.
  • No matter what lift I’m doing, my reps are between 5 and 10, and I’ll do three sets of each:
  • I do a form of – Leg Press; Bench Press; Pull-Up; Shoulder Press; Plank
  • No single set takes longer than a minute, except for the planks, so I’m done with my lifts in under 30 minutes.
  • If I have the time, I’ll slip in 15-30 minutes of treadmill, usually split into two sessions before and after the lifts.

Tuesday and Saturday (Basketball):

If work and family plans allow for it, I’m playing basketball for ~90 minutes, early in the morning. For me, this is the best form of sprint workout I can think of. It’s also one of the main reasons I stay motivated to be fit. I really enjoy playing the game and competing just for the fun of it.

The running also seems to shake off any muscle soreness I might have from the previous days weights. As long as I stay up on good warmups and stretching.

Note, I’ll have a little whey protein before and after playing basketball.

Wednesday (Cardio):

This has traditionally been another noonish lift day for me, but it has recently turned into a run day. I strap on my Vibram five-fingers and head out for at least a 3-Mile jog. I try to run for at least 30 minutes, but generally not for much longer than that.

I am lucky enough to have some great neighborhoods, and a park where I work, and my goal is to enjoy the run more than push my limits.

Thursday and Sunday (Rest/Fun/Hike):

I used to only allow myself one day of rest per week, and as I’ve gotten older, that wasn’t cutting it.

Two days of rest are necessary, and sometimes I’ll sneak in a third.

On Thursday nights I’ll often participate in a bowling league with friends, and on Sundays I’ll often take a walk at the nature reserve near my home with my family.

Sleep and Meditation Schedule

I’ve been doing this schedule for a couple of years now, and it works great when everything goes according to plan.

I’m typically awake by 6:00 am. I’ll be able to stretch out, gain some awareness, and meditate before my 1 year old son wakes up. The morning meditation is typically on the Five Remembrances.

During the day, if I’m feeling stressed at work, (again, I’m lucky) I’ll use the meditation room for a quick 15 minutes of guided meditation. I’ve been so busy recently, this hasn’t happened often, but for some time I made a point of doing this.

By 9:00 pm I’ll have put my son down to bed, my wife will be relaxing on her own, and I’ll sneak in at least 30 minutes of meditation. Here I typically follow the breath, or try something new. Evening sessions typically are the deepest for me. After the meditation is over, I like to read, then get to bed by 10:00 pm.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions!


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