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Welcome to Primal Zen

May 28, 2011


This blog will be primarily used by me to log my progress with
primal diet and exercise, and a Zen Buddhist philosophy.

I started both over two years ago as a trial ‘life hack’, and both
have stuck. But I haven’t always been consistent with either.


My most visited site for Primal advice is . If you’re unfamiliar
with “Primal”, it’s quite similar to the Paleo diet plan based on
evolution science. To sum up the diet: “Vegetables, berries, healthy fats
and proteins are good, while grains and sugars are bad,”

When I first started the diet I went from ~20% body fat down to
12% body fat. The biggest thing seemed to be no longer eating grains.

There is also an exercise program offered at Marks Daily Apple,
and I’ve been fairly good at keeping with it. Compared to the heavy lifting I
did before, which wore me down forcing me into prolonged breaks from the
gym…..This primal program has a few short, but intense workouts a week, with
plenty of rest, play, and fun in between. I’ve yet to get worn down, and I feel
more flexible, agile, and still just as strong as before.

Despite the gains I’ve mentioned above, I still haven’t been
perfect every day along the way. My goal is to improve on my consistency, and
see where it takes me.


I don’t have a single most referenced site for Zen Buddhism. I
would recommend
as a place for a primer on Buddhism in general. For Zen I would recommend

In a nutshell, Buddhist philosophy appeals to me for 1) the holistic
(everybody suffers, and everybody wants to be free of suffering –
therefore figure out how we can stop suffering and be happy), 2) the focus
on personal empowerment
(evaluate ‘Truths’ for yourself, and only follow
those you believe to be true – the rest are just words), 3) the focus on the
(via meditation, focus, and single-tasking).

Zen for that matter places increased emphasis on meditation for
personal insight, a simple, almost minimalist approach to material life, and
less emphasis on the Buddhist religious texts.

I’ve done a better job at being Primalist than following the
Buddhist philosophy. But I’ve recently become more adept at meditation, and
focusing on the present, and I’ve enjoyed it. This happiness has encouraged me
to continue down this path.

In five or ten years from now, I have no idea if I will be a
“Primal Buddhist.” But for now I’d like to continue with both, share
my experiences with those that are interested, and hear from those that would
like to cheer me on!

Thanks for your interest in my Primal Zen adventure,


P.S. It’s obvious that I need to hire a blog editor to an internship. So if you know anyone, let me know. 🙂

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  1. Dennis permalink
    May 5, 2012 9:39 pm

    Will be highly interested in your blog as you proceed with your experimnet.

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